Mental ill health is an issue affecting thousands of individuals working in the construction sector. More than 1,400 construction workers took their own lives between 2011 and 2015 alone[1]. Over the first quarter of 2019, the Marine Partner of Choice, Red7Marine, has been developing and implementing a mentoring programme within the business to support the wellbeing of its staff and encourage a positive culture change within the industry.

The programme, Your7Mentor, has been developed to create a working environment based on a foundation of positive culture that allows team members to thrive. By providing each and every team member with a mentor, who is able to offer support, guidance and advice, Red7Marine is aiming to create a work environment that supports individuals at all times.

The peer mentoring scheme will enable staff members to navigate the balance of their job roles and career ambitions, whilst helping them to balance this with their personal life. The programme aims to build positive well being both mentally and physically.

CEO, Nick Offord, comments: “Red7Marine is built on foundations of a solid culture. We want to challenge the construction industry to make a positive difference, to offer support and guidance to employees and to retain them in this exciting and dynamic industry.

Last year we launched the Red7Marine Training Academy for young individuals looking to begin a career in the marine construction sector and we hope the introduction of Your7Mentor will support delegates through their training.

It’s more important than ever to provide the necessary support to employees. Knowing how to start the conversation and knowing how to safely signpost peers to mental health services can make a huge difference at the early signs of mental health. We hope this will encourage others in the industry to take a stand and make a difference.”