Marine Consultation

With the ability to respond quickly and effectively to client’s needs, Red7Marine can assist whether it’s a second opinion you’re looking for or a trustworthy emergency response package.

Red7Marine is ideally positioned to provide comprehensive consultancy services and advice to the marine construction industry. The highly trained, in-house team offers early stage involvement to all clients, inclusive of planning developments, consents, geo-technical and geophysical surveys. The team is also able to assist with budgetary advice and works throughout the whole life cycle of a project.

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Marine Consultation


As an agile business, Red7Marine is able to respond quickly to client needs and evolving projects.

Risk Management

Red7Marine is uniquely positioned to work with clients to share and manage the risk of challenging marine environments by offering bespoke services and solutions.

Emergency Response

Experience in emergency response work makes Red7Marine a valuable project partner.

Marine Consultation Disciplines
temporary works

Temporary Works

A crucial aspect to the construction of many permanent structures in the marine environment is the management and design of temporary works that is implemented beforehand. Our in-house team of engineers is able to identify and design various temporary works and can offer advice to clients on pricing, programme timescales, risk management and operational requirements. This ensures clients are provided with the best information available to guarantee an efficient, safe and cost-effective temporary works solution.

Red7Marine is able to (but not limited to) offer a full range of consultancy services on the following temporary works items:

  • Sea fastening designs
  • Barge deck strength analysis
  • Deck protection and foundation design
  • Temporary mooring and fender design
  • Vessel acceleration and impact loadings
  • Anchor holding forces
  • Bollard pull calculations
  • Walkways and access solutions

Find out more about our Temporary Works in our Weston Super Mare Case Study.

pile gate design

Pile Gate Design

Red7Marine’s engineers offer full structural detailing and designs for piling gates with 2D and 3D CAD models to provide solutions for even the most challenging locations. Pile gates can be designed for steel or timber structures to maintain the correct positioning and angle of piles. Whether it is a for a single monopile or complex modular combi-wall designs, Red7Marine has the experience and specialist knowledge.

Red7Marines fabrication facility at Ipswich coupled with the engineering department allows us to work closely with clients to develop and design efficient pile gate systems to maximise productivity
These packages are further enhanced by the specific capabilities of our extensive marine equipment, including jack up barges, flat top barges, floats and workboats.

Our risk mitigation process ensures high standards of safety are maintained from planning through to operation on site making Red7Marine the Marine Partner of Choice.

Find out more about our Pile Gate Design in our Westminster Pier Extension Case Study.

project support

Project Support

Careful selection of equipment is critical to any marine civil engineering construction project to minimise potential delays and maximise productivity, without sacrificing safety

Red7Marine is able to give clients clarity and assurance by undertaking marine environmental risk assessments and construction assessments prior to the project commencement. The team can also provide thorough risk assessments and mitigation reporting for all types of over-water projects.

Our vast experience operating in the marine environment means that our team is ideally positioned to provide specialist weather and tidal interpretations ensuring that safety is at the heart of each and every project supported by Red7Marine.

Find out more about our Project Support in our Hinkley Point Case Study.

engineering stability calculations

Engineering and Stability Calculations

When working over water, every vessel reacts differently and each has its own stability properties. Red7Marine is able to offer the necessary stability calculations to ensure the correct parameters are adhered to and that all applicable regulations are complied with. The team of specialist in-house engineers offer a range of packages to check floating and elevated stability, for either single or multiple load case scenarios.

To provide this service, the engineers undertake site assessments and project specific analysis to give clients confidence in all marine operations.

The engineering team also offers detailed advice and solutions for loading out heavy equipment and crawler crane transfers including all ballasting operations from vessel to vessel or from shore to vessel.

Find out more about our Engineering and Stability Calculations in our Kirtling Street Case Study.

marine heavy lifts

Marine Heavy Lifts

Red7Marine has the ability and experience to provide advice and carry out various marine heavy lifting operations. Lifting from floating and elevated platforms involves many different forces and load scenarios that need to be considered and taken into consideration to deliver a safe lift plan.

Detailed lift plans are prepared by our highly skilled in-house team and backed up with engineering calculations and CAD drawings. All lifting operations are overseen and supervised by our qualified and competent personnel.

As a complete solutions provider, Red7Marine can support marine heavy lift planning with the specialist equipment required to carry out the lifting operations. Our extensive fleet of marine construction equipment can be viewed here.

Find out more about our Marine Heavy Lifts in our Emirates Cable Car Case Study.

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